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Kangen Water machine - Beware! This machine costs a minimum of $4000. They claim it produces alkaline pH water that contains anti oxidents, and will cure almost anything.

See website http://www.chem1.com/CQ/ionbunk.html - Ionized and alkaline water - Snake Oil on Tap.

This is a multi level marketing firm, and their return policy is that it costs you $100 if you return it unopened within 15 days, you lose $600 if you return it within 15 days opened. If you return it 16 days after returning it, you do not receive any money back (lose a $1000 down payment).

Check out the website above, and buyer beware.

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The Rationalist

Nov 13 Richmond, British Columbia

The shills on this thread won't give up on the cancer and miracle curing properties of Kangen water. Again, I say to kat, please produce some links to scientific studies that back up your fantastical testimonials. I will counter your extremely vague testimonial with the following article by real Cancer Surgeon and Researcher discussing an Alkaline water miracle cure scammer who now sports a fashionable prison jumpsuit because of his fraud:
Hopefully more will also end up in a prison cell (including a few of the shill posters here).

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Nov 13 Colorado Springs, Colorado

I keep hearing the negative comments, but this water turned my life around and now I'm cancer free!
I'm not the only one who's life has been given back due to this water!
I'm forever grateful to Enagic!!

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Nov 10 Los Angeles, California

Did not believe any of these water companies...After two years bought a $4000 sd 501 from Enagic
and I did not believe what happened....Lost over 80 lbs and about 7-10" off waist and then my eyes
went from 575/375 and 375/175 ...was not expecting any results...All info people telling you that Kangen water cures anything is BS...But the water helped balance my body and to balance my system....then my own body ...healed itself ....simple the old faction way...Prevents sickness before you get sick...Let your body do the work....Yes...myself an my family have 5 of the $4000 machines.....this company pays you a referral fee instead of paying Michael Jordan a big fee to advertise...which all checks would go to Michael...he does not need the money? right....it pays the people who share the water with others...referral fee to you....I have no problem, helping people and getting paid to help people. Health and Wellness is the #1 Biz Oppty for the 21st Century...Watch and pay your doctors or do something to help yourself and others....

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Alex Banger

Oct 28

Rationalist. Why not just say you are a disgruntled network mouseketeers. With no friends left. So you decide to become a reseller for alibaba korea. Where you buy $125 WATER IONIZER. PRIVATE LABEL IT WITH MARK UP OF $850. THEN KNOCK DOWN OTHER WATER IONIZER THAT ARE ALSO OVERPRICED. Dude it is so obvious you are directing people to buy your *** product. Where did you learn to operate a business? Grandma Smith can smell you miles away. Take a shower. Use Tide.

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The Rationalist

Oct 28

Nice try Alex. I don't sell filters, ionizers, Kangen water machines, or any other snake oil health products for that matter; it is all rubbish. Rather than fabricating a scenario/theory regarding my motivations as a poster to serve as a distraction from the subject at hand, disprove my argument. Will you now kindly site some medical journal entries, scientific studies or peer conducted reviews of how Kangen Water is proven to cure disease and to extended the human lifespan (random testimonials don't count)? If you can't answer the question directly, then Kangen Water is a full blown scam and you are a part of that scam (and thus a scam artist, and a bad one at that). I'll provide the following reference as a starting point.
"Alkaline Water: If You Fall for This "Water Fad" You Could Do Some Major Damage"

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John Think

Oct 23 New York, New York

You are the scam of the earth. Instead of helping people. You are more concern in selling your own product. Chemo cost $50,000 per visit. Your stupidity really shows how ignorant you are. Totally delusional. When was the last time you have been in the hospital to visit your love ones? Perhaps none yet. Don't you worry sooner or later you will be there. Either visiting someone or you being visited. You'll be there I guarantee.

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The Rationalist

Oct 24

John Think, are you claiming that Kangen Water is a proven cure and treatment for cancer? If so, where is the science to back it up: there is none; only shill "testimonials". Would you tell your mother to not utilize western medicine if she was diagnosed with Cancer and to drink only Kangen Water instead (the water you sell/recommend)? If the answer is yes, you are a very dangerous individual. I don't sell water filters or medical products and have nothing to gain financially by posting here. At the end of my life, I want to be able to look in the mirror and know I didn't spend my time scamming innocent people; that is why I would never sell or promote Kangen Water. People who knowingly scam people in order to achieve their own personal aims are Sociopaths; thus anyone who is aware of the true nature of Kangen Water and continues to sell it under the pretence of miracle cures is at the very least an anti-social person; either that or really ignorant or ***. I truly hope that you fall into the later category rather than the first.

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John Thick

Oct 28

Well. Try drinking cool aid pal. Because your ionized water Is a scam. You and the rest of scammers. You are a reseller with no customers. Broke walking along the boulevard of broken dreams. It goes to show how ignorant you are. You think that your product will sell right? Try looking where your product is made. You are selling an ionizer ***. Your life has ended the day you started promoting alkaline water. Plain and simple. I would rather see you in *** burning than allow you to sell water ionizer. Go hide where the sun don't shine.

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The Rationalist

Oct 28

Cool aid is just as much as cure for Cancer and other medical problems as Kangen Water is. I don't sell or own any snake oil alkaline machine, ionizers, filters or any other such junk products and have never participated in an MLM; I work a regular day job. I have nothing financial to gain by posting here. Your assumptions of my agenda are false and do not discredit the facts I presented with regards to Kangen Water miracle healing claims being a scam. Both of you have utterly failed to provide even a shred of evidence that Kangen Water provides any health benefits. You have not sited any articles in health journals, research or scientific studies. If Kangen water is not a health scam then I challenge you to present that evidence (not fantastical testimonials) here and now. Site those studies and medical journal entries here and now John Thick and Alex Banger; if you can't, then my argument stands solid and your words are worthless diatribe no matter what off base fantastical assumptions you make about my motivations as a poster. Let me make a prediction: you will now go on a personal attack rather than provide scientific evidence (of which there is none) that Kangen Water is a legitimate medical cure for disease. Thus, who are the real scammers here? Needless to say, my conscience is clear and clean, unlike those who sell Kangen Water machines (and any water treatment device that promises miracle cures).

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The Rationalist

Sep 16

Consider the following words before investing in a Kangen Water Machine:
You know a medical product is 'snake oil' when all the salesperson can do is offer outlandish claims based on testimonials and no peer reviewed studies. People are making claims that alkaline water cures cancer, heart disease, diabetes, eye problems and all sorts of diseases. The manufacturers of the device however do not make these claims.
There is not one mention of this ''Amazing Drug'' on any government medical website such as the FDA, CDC, EPA or any others. There are no clinical studies proving any of the claims made by the salespeople.
Promoting Alkaline Water Hurts People because the people selling Alkaline water are making false medical claims which give people false hope or makes them not look for traditional treatments. It is sold, as a food supplement so there is no regulation. It is the same way they can sell weight loss and male enhancement products that do not work. Sake oil products come along all the time. It is amazing how we are all so desperate that we tend to want to believe anything.
A search of FDA, CDC, EPA, WEBMD show no studies or information. The following two articles also provide some useful insight into the world of Alkaline Water Health Quackery Scams.
http://www.apswater.com/article.asp?id=198&title=Alkaline+Water+Hoax+It+is+Simple+Science http://www.apswater.com/article.asp?id=207&title=About_Kangen_Water_-_Many_know_It_is_a_scam

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Just Some Guy

Sep 16

I don't know much about the return policy. All I have is my personal experience with this product.
My best friend got a Kangen SD501 and started doing the business about a year and a half ago. I immediately had red flags go up when he approached me about it. I mean think about it, water resolving all of these medical issues for these people. It's a little hard to believe... So I didn't.
For the first 5 months I refused to even try the water. I told my buddy, "I already drink water, I'm good." As he persisted I grew more and more agitated.
Finally at one point we got into an argument and he said, "For someone who claims to be so open minded, you sure aren't acting like it." So out of frustration I agreed I would try it for a month and then thats it... I was sure that I was not going to feel anything and expressed them to him, but he insisted.
Much to my amazement after 10 days I began sleeping wayy better! I never use to remember/have dreams and all of the sudden I couldn't stop dreaming. Then by day 14 the tendonitis I had in my knees for the last 8 years had completely subsided. I started freaking out... I then proceeded to give it to my dad and grandma. After a month of drinking it, their doctors had lowered their cholesterol medication and my grandma was actually taken off of her insulin (she was a borderline type 2 diabetic).
All in all, I went from super skeptic to believer. And by your post I am assuming you didn't even drink it consistently for over 21
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Aug 30 Vero Beach, Florida

I also bought the best Kangen Water machine Enagic had to offer (both in Florida and Norway), and it has been a miracle cure for me personally. And it is the "drinkers" who claim it to be a fantastic help for their many health problems. It has helped with skin problems 3 doctors couldn't help me with, didn't know what the problem was, one said was incurable and gave me antibiotics - couldn't stomach that stuff, literally. I am not so tired from the acidic state my body was in - now I am more alkaline. My developing arthritis has stopped (started at 59, I am 62 and had a machine for 3 years). It is expensive technology and a high-quality machine, so it's not a cheap water filter. I have told all my family and friends about it and several have bought machines - I bought one for my skeptical daughter and she now drinks it religiously, as do her new little ones. I was at the Paris office official opening and the testimonials there were equally incredible and inspiring as to what people experienced. And it does NOT make alkaline water from harmful chemicals. I use the strong acid on my Pugs irritated ears to kill bacteria and gargle with it; I clean all my windows/mirrors with the super high alkaline water. Please talk to others who have felt the benefits and TRY IT!

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Jul 29 Sewell, New Jersey

Also beware while getting Kangen Water Machines.
Enagic Kangen machines boosts pH of water with the help of harmful chemicals.
Shocking truth about Kangen Water. (Video)

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Jul 17

I didn't know that the magic bubbles of Kangen water are able to physically hold open the airway for those who suffer from sleep apnea (heavy snoring) all night. Very impressive indeed. I am also excited to now know that Kangen water is the first and only cure currently available for the over 100 forms of arthritis; there must be a mass-coverup by Western medical practitioners at play for sure. It is also reassuring to know that a reliable cure for most forms of Cancer has been proven effective by the use of this, albeit somewhat costly, machine.
A foole & his money,
be soone at debate:
which after with sorow,
repents him to late.
Thomas Tusser

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Kangen believer

Jul 15 Burbank, California

My personal experience is that six years ago, a friend starting bringing my wife and me Kangen water and told us to start drinking it exclusively. That meant my wife needed to stop drinking her daily can of coke and start drinking a substantial amount of the water. I was a water drinker myself, but never knew the difference between ordinary (bottled or tap) water and alkaline ionized water. We were 68 and 65 years of age at the time. Within 30 days, my wife's arthritis pain disappeared. We both realized our normal acid reflex from spicy foods was a thing of the past. Our snoring (we used to chase one or other to the guest room almost nightly) diminished drastically and only pops up if we have too much alcohol. By the way, I've not given up my usual martini each evening. So, we're not purists, but we do drink at least half our body weight in Kangen water each day.
After looking over the medical studies that originate in Japan and other Asian countries, we decided the science was real - and the gold standard of ionizers was (and remains to be) the Kangen water machines made by Enagic -who's been in business for 40 years. Enagic has expanded around the world and it's because the water works. "Works" means it helps the body to flush out the toxins and acidity which is the root cause of degenerative disease. The typical MD does not know anything about this because they have been trained to treat symptoms and not look for the root cause of illness.
Since purchasing
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Aug 01

Your wife stopped drinking a coke a day. Something so unhealthy. Yes, water is healthier than coke. "We drink half our body weight a day in Kagen water each day?" So if you are 180 pounds you are drinking 90 pounds of water a day. Impossible. I'm 100 pounds and could not drink 50 pounds of water a day and most likely would be dead from electrolyte imbalance. I don't think your experience is a sound experiment when someone was drinking a coke a day and you were probably drinking more alcohol than you do now. An accurate study would be there would be no change in all other factors except for the water consumption - in the same amounts previously. I think people spend $4,000 for a machine and begin to make healthier choices and live a healthier lifestyle.

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Sep 26

I'm sorry, but I'll have to agree with the original poster. Think about it? How much damage is ONE coca-cola going to do to a person and how much difference is ONE can of Coca-Cola going to make? And get real with the commenting and insulting. What they probably meant to say was 1oz for every 1lb of half their body weight.
So 180 pounds / 2 == 90 pounds == 90 ounces of water
And I haven't started the Kangen water thing yet, but i have a friend who's been doing it for about a year, and they have a machine they are going to let me fill up my 5 gallon water jugs for free.

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Kangen is best

Oct 10 Soddy Daisy, Tennessee

Yes, Kangen believer should have said 1/2 your body weight in ounces. Kangen water has helped me with my blood pressure and allergies and my Mom with her colon issues when NO doctor could help her in nearly 40 years! If Jesus Christ himself preformed miracles right in front of people, there would still be nay sayers and critics

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Jul 14

Kangen water- is a brand name for Alkaline Water.
Although these machines are expensive they are not worth it as there are many drawbacks of owning a Kangen water machine because these machines make alkaline water, with the help of harmful chemicals, so what I would say is to stay away from Enagic Kangen.
The video says it all.

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Jul 13 Pasadena, California

I don't see how the machine is a scam if you're only comment is about return policy. I bought the machine and it does make alkaline water and is the best ionizer on the market. Be fair when you criticize anything, don't turn your anger into spite and obvious exaggeration.

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