Kangen water Scam

Kangen Water machine - Beware! This machine costs a minimum of $4000. They claim it produces alkaline pH water that contains anti oxidents, and will cure almost anything.

See website http://www.chem1.com/CQ/ionbunk.html - Ionized and alkaline water - Snake Oil on Tap.

This is a multi level marketing firm, and their return policy is that it costs you $100 if you return it unopened within 15 days, you lose $600 if you return it within 15 days opened. If you return it 16 days after returning it, you do not receive any money back (lose a $1000 down payment).

Check out the website above, and buyer beware.

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Jul 29 #1013360

I read all the reviews in different sites. And i noticed, all those reviews are sponsored by another ionizer machines. So obviously, they just want you to buy their product.

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Jun 29 #1000966


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The Rationalist

Jun 30 #1001582

The over-utilization of the caps lock key is not a sound refutation of the facts presented on the chem1.com website and the argument that Kangen Water is Snake Oil.
All Caps=Shill
This comment ranks up there with the highly comical "ALL I KNOW IS IT JUST WORKS" and "IT CURED MY CANCER" that grace these forums.

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Aug 15 #1019751

You are a liar!

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May 18 #985626

Firstly, it DOES produce pH water. The range is 2.5pH - 11.5pH. Only 8.5pH-9.5pH is for drinking
Secondly, whoever told you it has antioxidants in it were misinformed or poorly trained or educated about the unit
That said, it produces 'active hydrogen' which acts like an antioxidant because they seek out free radicals and neutral use them. As you might expect, the explanation is rather complex because we're talking about chemical reactions in the human body. A great explanation is this link
The person also should not have said it can cure anything. Why? Because everybody's body, diet and lifestyle is different. If you drink alkaline water to make your body less acidic but you eat McDonald's and don't exercise well what do you think the result will be?
As for the return policy, if you had a company that size, I'd be interested to know how much of the labour cost associated with product returns you would absorb? Common sense tells us that any company blatantly accepting product return after product return simply because people change their mind would not be in business for long, right?

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Jun 15 #995246

It is very nice to see a Kangen supporter/shill admit that Kangen Water can't cure anything. Unfortunately, the link provided by this shill is peppered with unsubstantiated miracle cure testimonials for over 30 health problems (including as always various Cancers and even the ever bothersome Foot Odor) - stealthy indeed! The next step after admitting that Kangen Water (the holy water) cannot cure or treat any health problem would be to state that Kangen Water has no tangible health benefits over regular tap water. One step at a time though.....

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May 11 #982513

It works on inflammation of the joints, so it's a great for me.

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The Rationalist

Jan 19 #933134 Richmond, British Columbia

Anonymous, you are paraphrasing the standard Kangen misrepresentation of the science of Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg. Warburg was given the Nobel Prize for discovering fermentation in cancer cells in 1931 - Not for claiming an association between acids and cancer, which does not exist. The following writer presents a sound refutation of your argument:
The following webpage (not mine) now sports an auto-play podcast episode that trashes your Kangen Ph quackery theory and exposes the Kangen business model for the sham it is.
If someone still wishes to become a Kangen Distributor or spend $6,000 on a machine after listening to this podcast then all the more power to them (and my pity).

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Jun 13 #994646

Why don't you go to pub med and type in ionized water. You'll find a plethora of documented studies showing how ionized water is effective. Please don't say that pub med has insufficient medical authority. Here are a few links:
Ionized alkaline water: new strategy for management of metabolic acidosis
Potential benefits of pH 8.8 alkaline drinking water as an adjunct in the treatment of reflux disease.
Anti-Diabetes Effects of Hita Tenryou-Sui Water®, a Natural Reduced Water K Osada, Y Li, T Hamasaki, M Abe… - Animal cell technology: …, 2010 - Springer (Same type of water as Kangen Water, i.e, reduced water) http://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-90-481-3892-0_51#page-1 Anti-diabetic effect of alkaline-reduced water on OLETF rats http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1271/bbb.70.31 Electrolyzed-reduced water protects against oxidative damage to DNA, RNA, and protein http://link.springer.com/article/10.1385/ABAB:135:2:133#page-1 AND MUCH more.. Kangen Water is NOT snake oil. If it was, why is it currently been used - and has been used for over 4 decades - in many Asian hospitals including Japanese hospitals to treat sick, diseased patients? Did you know that doctors in Japanese hospitals only get paid when their patients actually get healthier? Why would they recommend Kangen Water then? Because it helps tremendously! Oh yeah, and Japan holds #1 according to the WHO
... Show more

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The Rationalist

Jun 21 #997723

It is possible to find an academic paper or micro-institution to support or justify just about any silly medical claim or notion if you look hard enough (or pay the researcher to publish the results/conclusions you want). In your links, you had to go as far away as an obscure researcher in Egypt of dubious intent, credentials and motivations. That seems a little desperate. All of the papers you cited here are minor at best, if not bordering on fringe junk science. Japan sports the only "significant" studies (i.e. significantly financially influenced or supported by Kangen). I challenge you to cite a major U.S. or Canadian health study performed by a major University/College or mainstream Medical Journal that proves Kangen Water cures anything (not a Phd thesis). I could say that drinking sewer water cures all forms of heart disease and pay some fringe Phd holders to come up with the results I want. That doesn't make it true. This is the same weak and deceptive (and even sociopathic) strategy employed by Kangen.

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Jan 19 #933031 Springfield, Missouri

To the rationalist. Please research Otto Warburg. German scientist with world respected nobel peace prize on Acidity and Alkalinity. His scientific, not religious work has never been refuted. Then take that science and do a pH test and also an orp (Oxidation Reduction Potential) test on Kangen water. Ya see, since you mentioned Satan, that may be who's selling us filtered sewer water, or over chlorinated city water, simultaneously hiding such relevant facts to the Sheepeople. Thats it. This water will change levels in the body, as well as chemical imbalances as well. #Nopun

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The Messiah

Jan 16 #931904 London, London

If you return it back?? Hahahaha!!
Y in God's name would u wanna return it back!!!! Hahahaha
I'll say it once and I'll say it again!!!
Which of God's favours do u deny??

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The Rationalist

Jan 16 #932267 Richmond, British Columbia

Just when I thought I've seen it all, Jesus (The Messiah himself) has personally returned to Earth in the form of a Kangen Water Shill (distributor) promising to heal the sick and the poor (the favours of God no less) on this thread for only $4000 a pop. I would suggest that Kangen Water distributors are not the messengers of God they might fashion themselves as in their own sick anti-social or mentally ill delusions, but rather, are he minions of Satan. Perhaps a little Science is in order to put some perspective on this. Certainly even "The Messiah" must have some scientific proof of the healing properties of Kangen Water; or does one simply must believe (trust) in the magic and miracles of Kangen Snake Oil (oops I mean holy water). Kangen "faith-healer" distributors come across as a sick joke to me. I guess that makes me a heretic with a clean conscience.

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Jan 10 #929234 Clark County, Nevada

Wow you people have too much time on your hands! First of all those that make false claims to sell products that don't work are shameless. However doctor's are and still just practicing medicine period. My question is this, if you're buying water in plastic bottle's and adding to the already atrocious waste of recyclable materials why not stop and buy something that is better tasting, better for the body and stop being a clown of negativity. Believe nothing what you hear and half of what you read, try products until you find what works for you and stick to a healthy diet period. Work out, walk, bike or swim but stay away from the shark ridden waters of negativity. Owner of YinYangH20.com

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The Rationalist

Nov 13, 2014 #899822 Richmond, British Columbia

The shills on this thread won't give up on the cancer and miracle curing properties of Kangen water. Again, I say to kat, please produce some links to scientific studies that back up your fantastical testimonials. I will counter your extremely vague testimonial with the following article by real Cancer Surgeon and Researcher discussing an Alkaline water miracle cure scammer who now sports a fashionable prison jumpsuit because of his fraud:
Hopefully more will also end up in a prison cell (including a few of the shill posters here).

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Nov 13, 2014 #899741 Colorado Springs, Colorado

I keep hearing the negative comments, but this water turned my life around and now I'm cancer free!
I'm not the only one who's life has been given back due to this water!
I'm forever grateful to Enagic!!

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Nov 10, 2014 #897963 Los Angeles, California

Did not believe any of these water companies...After two years bought a $4000 sd 501 from Enagic
and I did not believe what happened....Lost over 80 lbs and about 7-10" off waist and then my eyes
went from 575/375 and 375/175 ...was not expecting any results...All info people telling you that Kangen water cures anything is BS...But the water helped balance my body and to balance my system....then my own body ...healed itself ....simple the old faction way...Prevents sickness before you get sick...Let your body do the work....Yes...myself an my family have 5 of the $4000 machines.....this company pays you a referral fee instead of paying Michael Jordan a big fee to advertise...which all checks would go to Michael...he does not need the money? right....it pays the people who share the water with others...referral fee to you....I have no problem, helping people and getting paid to help people. Health and Wellness is the #1 Biz Oppty for the 21st Century...Watch and pay your doctors or do something to help yourself and others....

16 3 Reply
Alex Banger

Oct 28, 2014 #891598

Rationalist. Why not just say you are a disgruntled network mouseketeers. With no friends left. So you decide to become a reseller for alibaba korea. Where you buy $125 WATER IONIZER. PRIVATE LABEL IT WITH MARK UP OF $850. THEN KNOCK DOWN OTHER WATER IONIZER THAT ARE ALSO OVERPRICED. Dude it is so obvious you are directing people to buy your *** product. Where did you learn to operate a business? Grandma Smith can smell you miles away. Take a shower. Use Tide.

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The Rationalist

Oct 28, 2014 #891872

Nice try Alex. I don't sell filters, ionizers, Kangen water machines, or any other snake oil health products for that matter; it is all rubbish. Rather than fabricating a scenario/theory regarding my motivations as a poster to serve as a distraction from the subject at hand, disprove my argument. Will you now kindly site some medical journal entries, scientific studies or peer conducted reviews of how Kangen Water is proven to cure disease and to extended the human lifespan (random testimonials don't count)? If you can't answer the question directly, then Kangen Water is a full blown scam and you are a part of that scam (and thus a scam artist, and a bad one at that). I'll provide the following reference as a starting point.
"Alkaline Water: If You Fall for This "Water Fad" You Could Do Some Major Damage"

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